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We Have Helped Thousands of Tax and Bankruptcy Clients

Managing debt is the first step for individuals or small businesses to regain control of their financial future. As a Certified Public Accountant (C.P.A.) and licensed attorney I understand the importance of finding immediate and reliable tax and debt relief solutions.
I established the Law Office of William F. Kunofsky in Dallas in 1994 to represent individuals, families and businesses experiencing serious tax or other overwhelming debt issues find the resolution they need to restore their credit.

Real Tax Relief

In my experience tax debt and personal debt are often interlinked. This is especially true for owners of private businesses, skilled trades and professional practices. Many times payroll tax and business debts often overlap into personal finances causing extreme hardships for small business owners and their families.
Too often only half the problems with tax debt are addressed. I am committed to helping all of my clients find comprehensive plans of action to address all aspects of debt relief including personal, business and tax debt.

Reliable Experience

I have many years of professional experience working on tax debt, IRS audits, bankruptcy and other tax relief issues and have a thorough understanding of how debt, taxes and finances are all tied together.
Hiring a trusted professional who will successfully provide the debt relief solutions that are permanent and will restore your good credit will ultimately save you time, money and energy.

The Right Debt and Tax Relief for You

Finding effective debt and tax relief gives individuals and businesses the renewed ability to manage their finances.

Effective debt relief will do the following:

May Restore Good Credit

Consolidate Credit Card Debt

File For Bankruptcy

Settle Tax Claims

Obtain Home or Auto Loans

Refinance Mortgages

Successfully Manage Debt

Rebuild Savings