IRS Collection Problems


When the IRS Wants More Than You Can Afford to Pay
The IRS is the strongest creditor. The IRS can take your property and wages by levy or seizure without a court order. If you owe money to the IRS or other tax authorities you need the help of a skilled professional to help you find real solutions for your tax debt.

In today’s economy, few taxpayers have the resources to easily pay off back-taxes or substantial tax liability. This is why it is it so imperative that you receive the experienced legal help you need to resolve tax collections problem.

I represent clients in the DFW Metroplex and communities throughout North Texas dealing with a full range of tax problems including:

Audits and Appeals
State and Local Taxes
Probate Tax Issues
Bankruptcy Options

A Professional Will Provide Real Solutions
At the Law Office of William Kunofsky I will work closely with individuals or businesses to evaluate their finances and provide them with the real solutions to alleviate their tax debt and while aggressively negotiating with the IRS on their behalf.

Working together, we will propose a structured payment plan that is acceptable to the IRS as well as one that is well suited to your financial situation.

My law firm can help you with all of your IRS problems. Federal Law may allow:

Negotiating Workable Installment Plans
Negotiating Reduced Monthly or Quarterly Payments
Releasing Liens or Levy Against Property or Earnings
Avoiding Fines for Reasonable Cause
Appellate Review of Collection Actions

An Experienced Lawyer and CPA
I am a professional tax attorney as well as a licensed CPA with more than 30 years of experience working to meet individuals and businesses accounting needs as well as tax, bankruptcy and debt relief solutions.

Taxpayers coping with enforced collection of income taxes, corporate taxes, sales tax, or payroll taxes need an experienced lawyer. Calling now is the first step in the right direction to finding real tax debt relief.

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Let me show you the best ways to stop IRS collection and repay your tax debt to protect your financial interests.

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