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Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Attorney in Dallas, Texas

Petition for Bankruptcy Being Filled out I Am an Expeienced Dallas Chapter 11 Attorney

Understanding your financial problems is the first step towards success in Chapter 11. I use my experience as a Dallas bankruptcy attorney and a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) in reprenting debtors in Chapter 11 cases as well as the other principal types of bankruptcy. I handle tax debt and bankruptcy issues on behalf of individual and business clients throughout North Texas. My training in accounting helps me to better understand your business problems.

I have helped thousands of individuals, families, and businesses obtain real relief from crushing debt by filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and the other principal types of bankruptcy. View my client testimonials.

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Chapter 11 bankruptcy is usually filed by businesses to reorganize their debt and pay back creditors under a court-supervised plan.

Chapter 11 bankruptcy is an effective debt relief option for corporations or individuals that have accumulated overwhelming debt.

Chapter 11 reorganization bankruptcy may also be a good option for self-employed professionals who do not separate their business holdings and debt from their personal finances by incorporation of their business.

Is Your Business in Debt?

A little known fact about Chapter 11 is that the computation of an individual debtor’s budget is substantially different than in Chapter 13. This one factor can be extremely important to you in choosing the Chapter of bankruptcy you will file. Chapter 11 should be considered for individuals because the difference in the calculation of the budget can outweigh the increased complexity and cost of Chapter 11.

Successfully Navigating the Complexities of Chapter 11

For businesses or individuals to successfully navigate through all of the complex procedures and requirements when filing for chapter 11 they need to obtain the help of a skilled professional with plenty of experience with tax and bankruptcy law.

It is important to find a trusted attorney who will have an individual’s or company’s best interest in mind while also protecting their assets and examining all of the reorganization solutions available.

Filing fees for Chapter 11 are $1,039. An individual filing for bankruptcy is required by law to have credit counseling and a financial management course completed. The complexity of this type of bankruptcy is beyond the scope of this website.

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Make an appointment to schedule a free consultation to discuss your legal options. Since not all consumers qualify for Chapter 11, I can help you or your business determine if debt reorganization is the right option. Call now for a free consultation for Chapter 11 cases.

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