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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney in Dallas, Texas

Filing for Bankruptcy form with a pen on topHow a Professional Dallas Bankruptcy Lawyer Will Help

My name is William Kunofsky and I am a Dallas bankruptcy attorney. I use my experience as both an attorney and Certified Public Accountant (CPA) to represent debtors filing Chapter 7 cases in Texas as well as the other principal types of bankruptcy. I handle tax debt and bankruptcy issues on behalf of individual and business clients throughout North Texas.

As an experienced Dallas, TX bankruptcy lawyer, I have helped thousands of individuals, families and businesses obtain real relief from crushing debt by filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Chapter 7 consumer and business bankruptcy is a Federal law that may allow debtors to discharge some or all of their debts. The Debtor must normally surrender non-exempt assets to pay some or all of their debt. Some debts may not be able to be discharged upon completion of the bankruptcy.

Chapter 7 is often referred to as a “liquidation” bankruptcy. Upon filing debtors usually receive the automatic stay that maintains the status quo of creditors and the debtor and gives the case to the U.S. Bankruptcy Court. The filing of the bankruptcy may stop all creditors and collection actions and may result in debt being discharged upon completion. Not all debts may be dischargeable by law.

A debtor may keep his home and other assets in Chapter 7 because of the exemption laws. The debtor has a choice of exemption laws to apply in the bankruptcy and the decision is very important.

Find Out if Liquidation is Right for You

The filing fee for Chapter 7 is $299. The debtor must complete a counseling session with a nonprofit agency prior to filing and file a certification of the completion of the counseling with the Court. A debtor must take a financial management course after the filing of the bankruptcy as a condition of obtaining a discharge.

Tax debt will sometimes be discharged in Chapter 7. If the legal criteria specified in the U.S. Bankruptcy Code are met, bankruptcy may eliminate or significantly reduce your obligation. However, it is vitally important to discuss your tax debt with an experienced attorney who has a thorough understanding of tax law and IRS policies. It is important that the tax debt be critically examined to achieve the best results in bankruptcy.

As a licensed Certified Public Account with a master’s degree in accounting and taxation and over 30 years of experience dealing with the IRS, you can rely on my knowledge of bankruptcy and the tax laws. If you need an experienced Dallas bankruptcy lawyer, call today.

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