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IRS & Tax Debt Attorney in Dallas, Texas

Why Do I Need a Dallas Tax Attorney?

Most non-attorney professionals can only represent their clients at the IRS or other tax authority. An attorney can represent you in Court and their work and client communications are subject to attorney-client confidentiality. The attorney-client privilege protects your communications with your attorney.

Most Dallas tax attorneys do not practice bankruptcy law. Most bankruptcy attorneys do not practice tax law. We use and combine the legal remedies under the Internal Revenue Code and the Bankruptcy Code that may be allowed by federal and state laws.

Personal and Business Tax Law

IRS and other tax agencies have never been more aggressive in auditing taxpayers and in collecting tax debt. Newspapers are regularly reporting on the increases in the number of auditors and collection personnel at the IRS. Call now if you are an individual or business that owes money to the IRS or other tax authorities and need the help of an experienced attorney and CPA. The Law Office William Kunofsky will provide you with the best solutions to protect your financial interests. Call now for an appointment if you know that your tax return is going to be audited or are unhappy with the results of an audit.

Get the Tax Debt Guidance You Need

Quality Legal Representation

Negotiating with the government, finding payment plans that will be accepted by the IRS, and resolving tax debt takes the skills of a qualified attorney. I represent clients in the DFW Metroplex and communities throughout North Texas and work closely with taxpayers to evaluate and explore all of the options that are available to them.

I will aggressively negotiate with the IRS or Texas State Comptroller to protect all of your assets and work with you to determine a payment plan that is well structured, right for you, and will meet all IRS requirements.

Dallas Tax Attorney & CPA: Solving IRS & Tax Problems in Texas

The Law Office of William Kunofsky offers Texas Residents tax relief by:

  • Negotiating a Workable Installment Plan

  • Negotiating Reduced Installment Agreement Payments

  • Liquidation of Assets to Repay Tax Debt

  • Preventing a Lien or Levy Against Property or Earnings

  • Preventing Seizure of Property

  • Avoiding Penalties for Reasonable Cause

Hire An Experienced CPA. Hire An Experienced Attorney.

I am a licensed CPA as well as a tax attorney with more than 30 years of experience working with individuals to meet their financial obligations, relieve their tax debt and file for bankruptcy if needed, in order for them to manage their debt effectively.

I represent taxpayers experiencing:

  • Audits and Appeals

  • State and Local Taxes

  • Probate Tax Issues

  • Bankruptcy Options

Contact Dallas Bankruptcy Attorney William F. Kunofsky

Make an appointment to let me show you the best ways to stop IRS collection and repay your tax debt to protect your financial interests. Call my office in Dallas today and put your financial future in the hands of a professional.

Evening and Weekend Appointments Available Upon Request

Payment Plans and Third-Party Credit Cards Accepted