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State & Local Taxes Attorney in Dallas, Texas

A calculator, a pen, twenty dollar bills, and a 1040 tax formLocal tax authorities in Texas are becoming more aggressive in their audits and collections and many individuals and businesses are in need of professional help settling their tax disputes.

Individuals who own their own business or corporation often have sales tax problems. When your business has not paid or not reported sales tax properly, the results can be catastrophic. Sales tax audits and collection of sales taxes are some of the most difficult problems in taxation. I have extensive experience in sales tax audits, appeals, and litigation of sales tax audit disputes, and also defending the collection of sales tax liabilities. YOU MAY BE PERSONALLY LIABLE FOR THE SALES TAX NOT PAID BY YOUR BUSINESS. Do not have your business seized or your bank account frozen. Call me now for help.

Disagreements about the audit results require a request for audit redetermination. This may substantially reduce the tax debt. If it is filed late it is lost. I have represented many businesses in sales tax audits, appeals, and litigation.

Prompt representation is very important. Effective representation is even more important. The voluntary disclosure program of the Comptroller of Public Accounts can protect you if there are taxes that have not been paid or collected. Penalties can be waived. in a voluntary disclosure. Sales tax rulings are commitments about the proper reporting of sales tax for a particular fact situation that the Comptroller agrees will not be treated differently for the particular facts described. Don’t find it years later that you have made a mistake and owe tax, penalties, and interest. Please contact us. We have experience in these areas.

The Law Office of William F. Kunofsky is ready to help you protect your rights if you are facing tax problems with the following:

  • State Sales Tax

  • Franchise Tax

  • Local Tax

  • Property Tax

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I am committed to helping clients in North Texas solve their tax problems at the local, state, and federal level.

The Law Office of William F. Kunofsky serves clients in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex and communities throughout North Texas to resolve their tax controversies.

I work closely with the Texas State Controller and other state and local tax authorities to help all of my clients negotiate and settle any of the local and state tax issues that are threatening to place them in serious debt.

A Reliable Dallas Tax Lawyer and Certified CPA

I am a professional tax and bankruptcy attorney as well as a licensed CPA with more than 30 years of experience working to represent individuals and businesses with tax and debt problems.

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