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Tax Audits & Appeals Attorney in Dallas, Texas

Person using a calculator and notebook Why Am I Being Audited?

The IRS has hired thousands of auditors. Every year, the IRS had audited thousands of individual taxpayers and businesses. The percentage of taxpayers being audited is at a historically high level. Receiving an audit letter can be extremely scary and cause individuals to feel alarmed or confused. They find themselves at a loss for whom to turn to for solutions. An audit can be financially disastrous.

Audits are caused by the reviewing of a tax return for errors or improprieties.

The Right Lawyer to Call in an IRS Audit

I am a Dallas tax attorney and licensed CPA William Kunofsky. Since I opened my law office in 1994, I have successfully represented thousands of clients who have faced serious tax, IRS, and debt problems in North Texas.

I can help alleviate your worry by offering you sound legal advice, financial and tax analysis, and experienced representation throughout the entire audit process.

Advice on Tax Audits & Appeals

Protect Your Rights

Frequently there are disagreements between the taxpayer and the Internal Revenue Service. You, the taxpayer, have the legal right to dispute the audit. As your attorney, it will be my job to ensure that those rights are thoroughly protected.

I am highly experienced in the IRS appeals process and can offer you the aggressive professional representation you need.

Among your primary rights as a taxpayer, it is your right to:

  • Appeal the Auditor’s Decision.

  • Sue, in federal Courts, the IRS if an appeal is legally disputed.

  • Have the IRS follow proper procedures.

Effective Representation from Audit Letter to Appeal

I have the experience to handle every aspect of your audit. Whether it is helping you decide what your best options are, preparing evidence, or representing you at the audit itself, I will assist you every step of the way.

I am also prepared to aggressively represent you in an appeal if you have already faced an audit on your own or with another professional and are uncertain about the audit results.

Contact the Law Office of William F. Kunofsky

If you are facing an audit for income taxes, corporate taxes, payroll taxes, or are looking to appeal an auditor’s decision, finding the right lawyer can be the first step to a real solution.

Call my office in Dallas today and put your financial future in the hands of a professional.

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