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Texas Sales Tax Attorney in Dallas, Texas

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DO NOT KILL YOUR BUSINESS. Don’t wait to get the legal help you need to deal with your sales tax problems. Sales tax problems can kill your business. Sales tax audits reveal problems in charging and collecting sales tax. Many times problems can be avoided by asking for a ruling from the Comptroller. William Kunofsky successfully represents business clients having to fight the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts. Our success stories should include your business. Not all clients are able to successfully resolve sales tax problems.

I FIGHT FOR MY CLIENTS THAT HAVE SALES TAX PROBLEMS. The Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts can FREEZE YOUR BANK ACCOUNTS and CLOSE YOUR BUSINESS. Early intervention is extremely important. This area of tax law is explosive. Deadlines are very strict. Failure to meet deadlines may cause a waiver or loss of your chance of successfully resolving your sales tax or Franchise Tax case.

There are defenses available to help businesses that are in trouble with the Comptroller. The defenses become fewer as time passes. Early intervention by our representation in the audit process has helped businesses minimize sales tax debt, penalty, and interest. We have negotiated very favorable terms to help businesses pay taxes that are owed over time.

Have Questions About Sales Tax in Texas?

Buying a business may expose you to the former owner’s tax problems by being found to be a SUCCESSOR. CALL BEFORE YOU BUY. You may be exposing all of your property to sales tax debt!

We have successfully represented businesses that have failed to file and pay taxes that have been collected from customers. We use all legal tools to help taxpayers. We can try to evaluate a VOLUNTARY DISCLOSURE by your business. This remedy may allow your business to continue to operate and CAN GET RID OF PARTS OF YOUR PENALTIES AND INTEREST.

We fight for you at every level. We file REQUESTS FOR AUDIT REDETERMINATION and represent your business in LITIGATION against the State of Texas. We even file for bankruptcy protection that may allow paying the Comptroller over the term of your bankruptcy and may stop the Comptroller from closing or taking other enforcement action against you or your business. Early filing of a bankruptcy can have a major effect on the reorganization of your business,

You will be reaudited at a later after the comptroller assesses tax in an audit.

OUR GOAL IS TO SAVE YOUR BUSINESS. Call my office NOW for a convenient appointment. You need to act quickly for best results.